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Axidian is a global IT security vendor with a corporate center located in Dubai, UAE, and branches in Lithuania and Singapore. We provide authentication, comprehensive access management, privileged access management (PAM), public key infrastructure (PKI) management and identity threat detection and response solutions. Axidian is where security finds its Axis.


Sharing in-depth expertise

The key employees have more than 10 years of working experience in the information security field. Our experts have implemented tens of projects for companies of different industries: banks and financial institutions, telecommunications, energy, transportation, official and educational institutions. Professional competence of our employees is both the most important tool and regular investment pattern for us.

Building new mindset

We open the door to the new approach, changing the common belief that IT security solutions have to be expensive and not for every company to afford. Our products help organizations to reduce IT costs. We offer IT specialists to choose the most cost-effective PAM licensing model, deploy a PKI management solution that can increase PKI return on investment and implement centralized authentication management to increase your employees efficiency.

Investing in your security resilience

We constantly improve our products making them more and more user-friendly, efficient and easy to deploy. Our goal is to deliver solutions that make your IT security simple to control and manage. We always apply all the best and newest practices cumulated in the cybersecurity industry while developing the products. We are actively developing new modules and components and quickly responding to the latest trends in information security.



office HQ and technology center
pin Jewellery and Gemplex 3, JLT, Dubai, UAE


office EU branch
pin Konstitucijos av. 21A, Vilnius, LT-08130, Lithuania


office APAC branch
pin 049712, Prudential Tower Singapore, 30 Cecil Street #19-08
Georgy Ovanesyan

Georgy Ovanesyan is CEO of Axidian. As CEO, Georgy is the driving force behind the execution of our strategic initiatives in the market, ensuring that Axidian continues to innovate, evolve, and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Before being named CEO he already had more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity field. Previously, he was a Vice President for Global Business Development at a large system integrator, where his strategic insights and leadership significantly contributed to the company’s growth

Anna Surovova
Head of Global Sales and Partnerships

Anna is the Head of Global Sales and Partnership. With over 5 years experience in the IT security sphere Anna is responsible for shaping strategic partnerships and project management that contribute to the company’s growth and success. Her ability to inspire and lead her team has played the key role in creating a high-performance culture within the Global Sales and Partnerships department.

Konstantin Krasovskij

Konstantin Krasovskij is COO at Axidian. Working for over 7 years Konstantin had a promotion from Director of EMEA region to COO. He oversees and optimizes our day-to-day functions, ensuring seamless efficiency across departments, also he is responsible for all vital business processes that impact Axidian’s operations.

Being at the helm of Axidian’s operational department, Konstantin brings a global perspective to the role. His strategic decisions are aligned with the company’s overarching goals and contribute to its success on an international scale. His leadership, honed over years of experience, brings stability, efficiency, and innovation, positioning Axidian for sustained growth in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.

Tatyana Barinova
Head of Marketing

Tatyana Barinova is the Head of Marketing at Axidian. In her role, Tatyana is responsible for developing and executing effective marketing strategies to promote the company’s products, increasing brand awareness, and establishing a strong market presence.

Tatyana’s expertise in marketing is backed by her extensive experience in the field. Prior to her tenure at Axidian, she held the position of Senior Business Project Manager at a global yacht renting marketplace, and worked with several travel startups where she successfully led cross-functional teams and drove impactful business initiatives.

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