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The solution based on Axidian Access uses biometric technologies for strong authentication in the corporate IT systems



Identifiers and authenticators are the most essential elements for verifying user access rights. A potentially unlimited number of people may know your identifier, it often being the same as your email. On the other hand, authenticators are kept secret, thus becoming the most common target for cyberattacks. Intruders who were able to gain access to authentication data get an opportunity to secretly engage in malicious activity on behalf of legitimate users.

Most authentication systems still rely on passwords (secret words). This means that they remain vulnerable to password-cracking and social engineering techniques. Moreover, in case a password is stolen, you are not likely to be able to detect this until an explicit security breach has occurred.

Specialized strong authentication technology based on relevant software and devices (tokens, smart cards, one-time password generators, smartphone apps, etc.) should be sufficient to counter the threats and issues related to password-based authentication.

These IT solutions can counter most threats associated with identification and authentication systems. Yet, we should always keep in mind that for criminals, the bottom line is their potential financial gains. Whenever large amounts of money are at stake, intruders will stop at nothing to try and gain access to critical data (trade secrets, financial statements, control consoles for critical processes, etc.). They may even come up with criminal schemes to obtain passwordless authenticators by stealing hardware tokens, compromising certificate authorities that issue certificates, etc.

The data and IT infrastructure segments that may have high value in the eyes of intruders require the most effective information protection technology.

Biometric systems are the best tools for ensuring effective strong authentication at a top security level. Their key advantages over password-based systems and other solutions relying on hardware tokens or digital certificates are listed below.

  • Your authenticators cannot be compromised since it is impossible to steal or publish the physiological and behavioral characteristics of your employees. Modern biometric systems are highly accurate and can detect most attempts to use a fake biometric authenticator.
  • The risk that your authenticators may get damaged is quite low since users are most likely to treat their own body with more care compared to any hardware token
  • Users no longer need to remember secret information or carry a special device. A person’s biometric characteristics are an inherent part of them, so they are always at hand.

In other words, when biometric authentication is used for protecting confidential information, access to such information will require the physical presence of a given user.

Successful deployment of a biometric authentication system calls for its integration with existing corporate services and applications.

The optimal solution would be to use biometric scanners in combination with the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Provider and Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) solutions. This software suite will provide you with an authentication system that cannot be bypassed and supports biometric authentication across all corporate services and applications.


Successful integration of biometric authentication solutions with your IT infrastructure is not limited to simply purchasing biometric scanners. The main reason for this is that software supplied together with the popular models of biometric scanners will aim to protect your workstation as a whole (at the operating system level) rather than individual target applications that your management may consider most essential for the company.

This means that if you don’t have additional software enabling biometric authentication for desktop and web applications, then your security system may prove inadequate for handling relevant cyber threats. The main reason here is that applications would use vulnerable passwords for authentication.

Axidian Access is a software and hardware system providing centralized identity management policies and a universal authentication technology for all corporate services with the use of biometrics.

Axidian Access supports the following biometric authentication technology:

  • Fingerprint
  • Palm vein pattern
  • Face geometry (2D and 3D)

Each of these solutions has its own strong and weak points listed in the table below.

Fingerprint 2D face 3D face Palm vein pattern
Recognition accuracy High Medium High Very high
Complexity of making a dummy High Low Medium Very high
Usability High High Very high High
Costs (equipment and licenses) Medium Low Medium High
Hygiene Low (contact sensor) Very high Very high Medium (touchless sensor with a palm rest)
Error resistance (dirt, skin cuts, etc.) Low (good skin condition required for fingers) Medium (good lighting required) Very high Very high

The Enterprise Single Sign-On module enables integration of a biometric authentication system with individual applications even if your target service does not support any authentication scenarios other than password protection.

Moreover, you can use the Axidian Access platform to set up individual authentication scenarios (including biometric options) for each individual desktop or web application. In this case, users do not even need to know their password; all passwords will be stored in the Axidian Access secure vault. This means that Axidian Access cannot be bypassed for any type of authentication.

The platform has an additional advantage in that it supports integration with Physical Access Monitoring and Control Systems (AMCS). You will have the option to use the same biometrics for both logical access to information resources and physical access to the company premises.

Technical parameters

User directories

  • Active Directory

Target resources

  • Workstations running Microsoft Windows
  • Windows desktop applications
  • Web applications on Windows-based workstations

Static biometric identification and authentication technology

  • Fingerprints
  • Palm vein pattern
  • Face geometry (2D and 3D)

Biometric scanner models

  • Fujitsu PalmSecure (palm vein pattern)
  • Intel RealSense (3D face)
  • BioSmart PalmJet (palm vein pattern)
  • Futronic FS-80 (fingerprints)
  • Full HD web cameras by any manufacturer (2D face)

Third-party security solution integration

  • Workstation security solutions (Secret Net Studio)
  • Permission and user account management solutions: Solar inRights, 1IDM, Cube, Microsoft FIM, and IBM Tivoli Identity Manager
  • Solutions for information security event monitoring and correlation: SIEM solutions
  • Access monitoring and control solutions: Bastion, Orion (Bolid), and TSS AMCS (Seven Seals)

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Andy Woo
Regional Director of Pacific Tech

At Pacific Tech, we are continuously evolving and bringing new solutions to our partners and customers in the region. We are delighted to be partnering with Axidian. With Axidian, we found a comprehensive access management solution which perfectly complements the growing population of Singapore work-from-home workers. As a leading cyber security solution provider, this strategic partnership is perfect for our two companies.

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KC KuppingerCole Report
Executive view

Axidian’s innovative approach towards designing its whole product portfolio as a highly modular open application platform allows the customers to pick and choose the modules as needed and grow in the future as their business needs expand. Even out of the box, Axidian CertiFlow provides comprehensive yet convenient management capabilities for both administrators and end users.

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Michael Bürger
Founder & Sales Partner at EU-HUB Network

Since approximately 5 years now I’m working with Axidian quite successfully. First as my vendor client and next as a trusted innovative software partner. Now we are re-selling Axidian software as a Distributor for the EU and beyond. Often I met Axidian CEOs, CTO, Product Management, Partner Managers and System Engineers, on the the phone and even in person in London and Munich and always my feeling was that this is are smart people, an excellent organized company, straight forward thinking and | don’t have any doubt that together we will be very successful this decade in the 2020s on everything we target.

Leo Querubin
Executive Director for Business Development of Pointwest Technologies Corporation

The products of Axidian, like Axidian Access, a software for strong and multi-factor authentication (MFA), can provide the structural changes that force everyone to follow necessary cybersecurity procedures. Customers get the best of both worlds — the world-class cybersecurity products of Axidian and the experience and expertise of the local cybersecurity landscape of Pointwest.

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Volkan Duman
Information Technologies General Manager at vMind

As a result of the long-term laboratory tests and studies that we conducted, we believe that Axidian products should certainly be on the Turkish market. Thanks to our partnership with Axidian, we sought to expand the access control and certificate management market, which is located in a narrow profile in the country, as well as add value by transferring technology to our country. When we compare Axidian products with similar products, we can safely say that they contain much more different features and are more inclusive.

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Marko Pust
Director of OSI.SI

We have a long partnership with Axidian for more than 2 years already. I can confidently say that Axidian CertiFlow is one of the best and technologically enhanced products for managing digital certificates and smart cards on the EU market. This product has a number of unique features such as Client Agent and Axidian AirCard Enterprise network-attached smart card that are highly valued by our customers. One of the customers said that Axidian CertiFlow brought automation and visibility to their PKI life.

Heng Lie
Director of Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

I believe that Axidian Access is an excellent solution for many of our clients. It manages access to all information systems of the enterprise and protects companies from internal and external cyber threats. It is a flexible platform combining different authentication scenarios and methods.

Sergey Yeliseyev
X–Infotech Owner, Business Development Director, Government eID solutions

Axidian is the company of professionals in the field of information security. They provide top-level solutions for PKI management and access control to corporate resources. We recommend this company as a reliable partner.