Axidian and vMind join forces to provide best solutions for Turkish market

We are happy to announce our first exclusive distribution agreement in the EMEA region signed with vMind, the leading IT distribution company in the Republic of Turkey. vMind has a wide and long-running experience in the IT sector, with a new and innovative approach to the customers. 

The agreement brings together the synergy that will address the most challenging requirements of local and international companies in the area of access management and expand Axidian global presence to the Republic of Turkey. 

Mr Volkan Duman, Information Technologies General Manager at vMind, and Mr Yasin Taha Celiloglu, Managing Director of Eurasia at vMind, shared their opinion about the prospects of this partnership: 

As a result of the long-term laboratory tests and studies that we conducted, we believe that Axidian products should certainly be on the Turkish market. Thanks to this agreement, we sought to expand the access control and certificate management market, which is located in a narrow profile in the country, as well as add value by transferring technology to our country. When we compare Axidian products with similar products, we can safely say that they contain much more different features and are more inclusive.

Volkan Duman

“We strive to make a difference in the market with Axidian in terms of both technology infrastructure and value. Especially in the information technology and information security sector, when employees test our products, they will immediately understand their quality. Indeed, the insistence of Officials on expanding as a global firm and their support greatly influenced us. We are confident that this alliance will be long and successful.”

Yasin Taha Celiloglu

Together Axidian and vMind will enhance the cybersecurity of companies and enterprises from different industries and economic spheres, whether they are financial and government institutions, telecom and manufacturing corporations or public and transport organizations in the territory of the Republic of Turkey and beyond.