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National needs call for automation and informatization of bureaucratic processes. Thanks to the state-of-the-art information technology, governments can make quick decisions and receive up-to-date information about the state of affairs in the country.

Government information systems offer public services to individuals and legal entities. Given the large number of public employees, government agencies need to not only protect critical IT infrastructure but also ensure full compliance with information security requirements among the staff.

State agencies typically have access to big amounts of personal data and other information used in government operations. Even more so, social stability directly depends on the reliability of state agencies.

Unlike commercial enterprises, the primary goal of information security systems in the public sector is to ensure compliance with national and—to a lesser extent—international regulations. Follow-on expert risk assessment only takes place when an agency requires enhanced measures to protect its information.

Public organizations are often targeted by criminal communities and «cyber troops» sponsored by other countries. Attackers may seek to disrupt the stable operation of state information systems, particularly public resources, or gain access to arrays of protected information, including the citizens’ personal data.


The social significance of government information systems is much higher than in any other sector of the economy.

We believe that all public organizations share a few common information security threats and issues.

  • Stolen or blocked critical data. This concerns personal information, including special categories of data, as well as other types of confidential data processed in government information systems. Cybercriminals can use this data both to attack citizens and to disrupt social stability in the country.
  • Poor management of public key infrastructure (PKI). The key approaches to managing the PKI components have not changed much over the past 10 years. The potential in terms of automation and optimization has not been fully captured, and many operations are still being handled manually at the local level.
  • Challenges related to monitoring electronic signature certificates. Government organizations extensively rely on certificates for electronic signatures and electronic seals. These certificates may be issued by external certificate authorities, which means an organization cannot use standard automated tools to perform monitoring. As the number of certificates increases, this may become a burning issue.


Most attacks aimed at gaining access to corporate IT infrastructure target access control systems, in particular, the subsystem responsible for identification, authentication, and access control.

Axidian solutions can help address the following tasks relevant for public organizations:

  • Enable strong authentication to protect access to the critical components of government information systems (Axidian Access and Axidian Key).
  • Automate and optimize the administration of public key infrastructure (PKI) components, including management of digital certificates and PKI tokens (Axidian CertiFlow).
  • Monitor the use of qualified electronic signature certificates by tracking validity periods, storage devices, and certificate owner activity (Axidian CertiFlow).
  • Protect remote access to public resources by using mandatory strong authentication tools (Axidian Access and Axidian Key).

Axidian offers reliable solutions to protect your organization from diverse cybersecurity threats. Axidian products incorporate a wide range of tools designed to protect and safely manage user access. In addition, our solutions can save cybersecurity experts’ time and boost their efficiency.


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Andy Woo
Regional Director of Pacific Tech

At Pacific Tech, we are continuously evolving and bringing new solutions to our partners and customers in the region. We are delighted to be partnering with Axidian. With Axidian, we found a comprehensive access management solution which perfectly complements the growing population of Singapore work-from-home workers. As a leading cyber security solution provider, this strategic partnership is perfect for our two companies.

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KC KuppingerCole Report
Executive view

Axidian’s innovative approach towards designing its whole product portfolio as a highly modular open application platform allows the customers to pick and choose the modules as needed and grow in the future as their business needs expand. Even out of the box, Axidian CertiFlow provides comprehensive yet convenient management capabilities for both administrators and end users.

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Michael Bürger
Founder & Sales Partner at EU-HUB Network

Since approximately 5 years now I’m working with Axidian quite successfully. First as my vendor client and next as a trusted innovative software partner. Now we are re-selling Axidian software as a Distributor for the EU and beyond. Often I met Axidian CEOs, CTO, Product Management, Partner Managers and System Engineers, on the the phone and even in person in London and Munich and always my feeling was that this is are smart people, an excellent organized company, straight forward thinking and | don’t have any doubt that together we will be very successful this decade in the 2020s on everything we target.

Leo Querubin
Executive Director for Business Development of Pointwest Technologies Corporation

The products of Axidian, like Axidian Access, a software for strong and multi-factor authentication (MFA), can provide the structural changes that force everyone to follow necessary cybersecurity procedures. Customers get the best of both worlds — the world-class cybersecurity products of Axidian and the experience and expertise of the local cybersecurity landscape of Pointwest.

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Volkan Duman
Information Technologies General Manager at vMind

As a result of the long-term laboratory tests and studies that we conducted, we believe that Axidian products should certainly be on the Turkish market. Thanks to our partnership with Axidian, we sought to expand the access control and certificate management market, which is located in a narrow profile in the country, as well as add value by transferring technology to our country. When we compare Axidian products with similar products, we can safely say that they contain much more different features and are more inclusive.

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Marko Pust
Director of OSI.SI

We have a long partnership with Axidian for more than 2 years already. I can confidently say that Axidian CertiFlow is one of the best and technologically enhanced products for managing digital certificates and smart cards on the EU market. This product has a number of unique features such as Client Agent and Axidian AirCard Enterprise network-attached smart card that are highly valued by our customers. One of the customers said that Axidian CertiFlow brought automation and visibility to their PKI life.

Heng Lie
Director of Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

I believe that Axidian Access is an excellent solution for many of our clients. It manages access to all information systems of the enterprise and protects companies from internal and external cyber threats. It is a flexible platform combining different authentication scenarios and methods.

Sergey Yeliseyev
X–Infotech Owner, Business Development Director, Government eID solutions

Axidian is the company of professionals in the field of information security. They provide top-level solutions for PKI management and access control to corporate resources. We recommend this company as a reliable partner.