Axidian CertiFlow in KuppingerCole Executive View: innovative approach to PKI

“Axidian CertiFlow is a ‘unique and unified approach’ to PKI management”

– Executive View by KuppingerCole, April 2020

“Digital certificates remain a key part of security and identity management infrastructures. They are widely used for such operations as data and communication encryption, digital signatures and securing access to sensitive systems.” Supported by solid cybersecurity expertise, Axidian has developed a reliable and sophisticated product intended for effective PKI management and highly appreciated by customers and partners.  One of the leading European analyst agencies KuppingerCole decided to take a closer look at Axidian CertiFlow and investigate if it can respond to the latest PKI trends.

In its Executive View,  the lead analyst Alexei Balaganski highlights the key strengths of Axidian CertiFlow. Some of them are:

  • “Comprehensive remote management and monitoring capabilities with the Client agent
  • “Seamless integration with the AirKey Enterprise network-attached smart card platform”
  • “Unified, hardware-agnostic approach for managing multiple smart cards, security tokens and virtual cards with the same workflows and policies”

In addition to the Axidian CertiFlow advantages, the report includes the most challenging tasks the company is currently facing that should be addressed in the near future. Interested in PKI? Want to be in line with the recent trends and learn about the challenges of new PKI era? – Request the KuppingerCole Executive View and expand your knowledge about PKI reality.