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Axidian Privilege

From exclusive usage to everyday PAM practice

Axidian Privilege makes privileged account management accessible for any type of enterprise. It fully controls, protects and audits privileged use. With centralized policies, Axidian Privilege reduces system administration costs and makes the access parameters and rights transparent to information security specialists and auditors.

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Axidian Access

From fragmented to integral access management

Axidian Access is a comprehensive solution for managing access to all information systems of the enterprise. Axidian Access permission policies set the parameters of users’ access. The product also provides the technologies of strong and multi-factor authentication. Axidian Access reduces the cybersecurity risks and becomes a tool for transparent identity management.

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Axidian CertiFlow

From legacy to modern Public Key Infrastructure

Axidian CertiFlow addresses complex and various tasks connected with management of digital certificates, smart cards and improvement of PKI efficiency. Axidian CertiFlow adjusts PKI processes with the demands of business and IT departments, external regulations.

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