Guardians of Identity: Axidian and NGN at AICS 2023

From December 5th to 6th, Axidian, in collaboration with our esteemed partner NGN, embarked on a significant journey at the Arab International Cybersecurity Conference & Exhibition (AICS) 2023 in Bahrain. 

Returning to Bahrain after a few years, the Axidian team was delighted to witness the substantial growth and development in the IT security market. This conference presented an opportunity to network with industry leaders, learn about the latest trends and technologies, and engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges facing the cybersecurity community. 

Our CEO, Georgy Ovanesyan, had the opportunity to share his expertise during the NGN Majlis panel. During this session participants delved deep into the world of cybersecurity, exploring the latest attack trends and unveiling the best remediation strategies.

Additionally, attendees had the chance to participate in a dynamic workshop session titled “Guardians of Identity: A Workshop on New Trends in IT Security for Enterprises.” Led by our Head of Sales and Partnership, Anna Surovova, the workshop provided hands-on experiences and discussions about emerging trends in IT security tailored for enterprises. Anna talked about today’s most popular threats, such as supply chain attacks. She shared some thoughts on next-generation solutions like ITDR, and she even gave a sneak peek at our newest cutting-edge product, Axidian Shield.

By and large, this event was full of new experience for our team. AICS 2023 was not just a reunion with familiar faces but also an exciting opportunity to forge new connections that contribute to the vibrancy of the IT security community. The collaborative spirit and shared experiences at AICS 2023 have not only enriched our understanding of the cybersecurity landscape but have also strengthened our partnership network.

This trip finishes a string of unforgettable events in 2023 but we are sure that 2024 will be even more fruitful for events and networking.