Axidian and vMind Hosted C-Level IT Security Summit in Turkey

On the 26th of September, in partnership with vMind, we had the privilege of hosting the C-Level Security Summit in Turkey – an event dedicated to exploring the future of cybersecurity with a focus on the latest Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) trends.

Our Head of Global Sales and Partnerships, Anna Surovova, and EMEA Director, Konstantin Krasovskij, brought their expertise to the forefront. The discussions were not just presentations; they were a deep dive into the intricacies of IAM and PAM, exploring emerging trends, potential challenges, and strategies for a secure digital future.

Axidian Access and Axidian Privilege emerged as the cornerstones of the discussions. As businesses navigate an increasingly digital landscape, securing identities and managing privileged access become paramount. The insights shared by our experts shed light on the latest advancements in these crucial aspects of cybersecurity.

What set this summit apart was the active participation from all attendees. Questions, comments, and insights created an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. It was evident that a safe IT security future is a vital topic among IT security experts in Turkey.