Axidian hosted Business Breakfast together with CreaPlus and

On 14th of April Axidian hosted Business Breakfast together with our long-term partners and friends CreaPlus and During this offline event our director Konstantin Krasovskij talked about three areas of IT security: authentication and comprehensive access management, privileged access management and effective PKI management.

Konstantin described how practical use of authentication and comprehensive access management includes many different aspects that every company has to consider before choosing a solution suitable for their needs. That includes understanding and evaluating their infrastructure and variety of published resources and types of applications they use. He also provided our vision on how PAM can be both an affordable and effective tool which helps companies to get rid of such vulnerabilities as third party breaches, in addition to allowing them to comply with legal authorities regulations.

Moreover, Konstantin demonstrated several scenarios on how to make the use of PKI technology more efficient.

This event brought together a great crowd of professionals and thanks to our partners who organized it, Business Breakfast was a great success. At Axidian we value maintaining relationships with our long-term partners, and are happy to be able to host offline events together again.