Axidian CertiFlow 4.2

While developing the next release of Axidian CertiFlow 4.2, we have paid much attention to polishing the mechanisms of interaction with certification authorities, key media and certificates. Our system can be used not only as the tool for managing the smart card and USB token lifecycle, but also as a some kind of interface for interaction between all the PKI infrastructure elements.

It is now possible to issue a device of any type with user PIN code specification in Axidian CertiFlow. This allows to take the devices already in use under control as well (since user PIN codes are changed according to the company security policy).

A tracking function has been added for the certificates issued by CAs external to Axidian CertiFlow without integration option and written to key media. Such certificates are displayed in the user profile and the user is notified of their expiration by email.

Moreover, we have developed a mechanism to import the certificates with keys, that are common for all users within the issue policy, from pfx format files. This key information can be written down both during issue operation, and while updating the device contents. It is also worth noting that Axidian CertiFlow is a comfortable to use and flexible tool for centralised management of enterprise PKI infrastructure. If your company already has the SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) system deployed, then note that our system installation package contains the migration tool. The latter makes it possible to transfer all information about certificates, devices and users to Axidian CertiFlow. Thus, you can migrate to our system quickly without data loss and employees’ downtime.