Axidian CertiFlow (Axidian CertiFlow) – version 5.8

In the second half of 2019, after the update of Axidian CertiFlow version 5.4.0, we issued a number of technical releases. They have improved the stability of the solution, fixed bugs, included general improvements of the system. Now we release Axidian CertiFlow version 5.8.0 with updated functionality. The changes affected the Custom log, Axidian CertiFlow Agent, and Certificate Templates.

Configurable “Custom logs”

In the new Custom logs section, now you can create your own templates for logging certificates and smart cards. Use ready-made fields for each custom log or create your own.

You can maintain your smart card log for each policy, for all policies, or for selected policies. To do this, you need to add arbitrary fields to it. For example, the arbitrary field “Department Name” of the company, which uses smart cards issued via Axidian CertiFlow.

The custom log template sets up fields and conditions for working with them:

  • Data type.
  • Mandatory to fill in.
  • Search by value.

The type of each field is displayed for more convenient logging. The data can be filled in the fields automatically by the system from the storage, manually by a user or selected by the user from a pre-created “Dictionary”. For example, a “Dictionary” may contain a list of departments or positions of your company:

You can view, edit, and search the configured custom logs in the same section of the Axidian CertiFlow console:

The entire custom log or a selected part can be exported in XLSX and CSV.

Updated Axidian CertiFlow Agent

The monitoring of the status of smart cards connected to the user’s workstation has been added to the task execution and card usage control functions.

Now the Agent is even smarter and can:

  • Identify connected smart cards with a locked user and administrator PIN for each applet 
  • Lock a user and administrator PIN on the smart card for each applet.
  • Record attempts of incorrect user and administrator PIN on the smart card for each applet.

The detailed information about each of listed operation is registered in the Agent and server custom logs. You can set up e-mail notifications to the system administrator with information about events.

Now administrators have access to more information about the agents. Additional information about the workstation with the agent installed has been added to the agent card:

  • MAC address of each network interface.
  • Domain and local workstation SID.

Updated certificate templates in Axidian CertiFlow policies

You can configure request and certificate print templates for each certificate template in the Axidian CertiFlow policy. Previously, these templates were common for the whole system. This feature allows, for example, to automatically create unique requests for certificate issue on behalf of the user (request template) for individuals and for legal entities.

Request and certificate print templates are added in the Axidian CertiFlow configuration section.

Now you can add information to print templates not only from a certificate or request but also from the Axidian CertiFlow database or a user profile in Active Directory. For example, it became possible to add an employee position to a request to issue a personal certificate (request template) and to add the type of smart card with the written certificate and private key and its serial number to the information about issued certificate (certificate template). Template-generated documents are saved as PDF (instead of HTML).

Other changes included in version 5.8.0:

  • Support for displaying smart card form-factor information in getcards request was added to icmapi 
  • Support for requesting a new certificate in case of smart card updating and the updated certificate was revoked by the Certificate Authority without the help of Axidian CertiFlow
  • Smart card lock status check policy has been added to Agent group policies
  • Bit4ID card support
  • Support for TicTok V. 3 cards.x