Webinar: Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times

We are pleased to invite you to the online webinar “Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times.” prepared by RnTrust and Axidian, the leading cybersecurity companies with wide expertise in the field of PKI and smart cards management.

The slow speed of PKI evolution and the ever-increasing number of needs and requirements of companies and enterprises leads to the growing gap. As outdated technology cannot keep up with modern times many tasks connected to the PKI management and digital certificates remain unsolved. Our free webinar will help to find answers to many questions related to PKI management for Windows users.

During the webinar, Ms Nadia Navadova, the Head of customer and partner relationship of Axidian, will elaborate on the following topics:

  • How to reduce costs and automate tasks associated with PKI management
  • How to create an additional layer of control over digital certificates and manage them remotely
  • How to prevent unauthorized use of smart cards and comply with PCI DSS
  • How to address the most challenging task of integration with WHfB 
  • What are the benefits of network-attached smart card that can never be lost
  • How to smoothly migrate from legacy CMS to the new PKI era

The webinar date: 25 June 2020 at 12 noon Dubai time

Duration – 1 hour including Q&A session.

The registration to our free webinar: “Digital certificate management that is in tune with the times.” is open.

If you are interested in PKI and searching for the solution to solve the multiple tasks related to it, make sure to join our webinar. 

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