Axidian at MENA ISC 2023: Exploring Cybersecurity Evolution in Saudi Arabia

On 12th of September, representing Axidian, our MENA regional director, Georgy Ovanesyan, visited MENA ISC 2023.

The MENA Information Security Conference 2023 was themed “Cognitive Cyber: Evolution from Reactive to Predictive Cyber Leveraging AI and Emerging Technologies: IT, OT and IoT”. Therefore it aimed to draw attention to the ever-evolving landscape of the cybersecurity industry and its latest artificial intelligence developments.

The conference took place in Saudi Arabia. Undeniably, it served as a global gathering point for cybersecurity experts, professionals, and vendors from all over the world.

For Axidian this event represents one of the gateways to understanding how Saudi Arabia is evolving in the cybersecurity sphere and opening new opportunities for collaboration. At last it was a great opportunity to connect with our colleagues and partners in person, strengthening relationships and fostering meaningful discussions.