Axidian Privilege 2.10: Unveiling a Suite of Powerful Capabilities

Axidian Privilege 2.10. is now available:

Now in addition to Active Directory and FreeIPA, Axidian Privilege supports OpenLDAP and ALD PRO directory services. Another important update introduces Ad hoc resources, which allow you to connect to any resources without having to add them to PAM in advance. Also, in version 2.10 you can connect PAM to SIEM systems natively.

To learn about all the new features implemented in Axidian Privilege 2.10, read this article.

OpenLDAP and ALD PRO Support

Axidian Privilege 2.10 introduces the functionality to select OpenLDAP and ALD PRO as directory services. Axidian Privilege now supports the following user directories: Active Directory, FreeIPA, OpenLDAP, and ALD PRO.

Blocking Users

With this functionality, PAM system administrators can block user access to resources in two clicks.

Blocked users are unable to:

  • Open sessions.
  • View, set and change account password.
  • Access authentication data of AAPM (Application to Application Password Management) applications.

This feature allows you to quickly respond to suspicious user actions, thereby maintaining system security.

At the same time, unblocking users after investigating is as simple as blocking them.

Changing Encryption Key and/or Encryption Algorithm of PAM Database

Axidian Privilege 2.10 introduces changing the database encryption key without stopping PAM. This allows you to quickly react to situations when the database encryption key is compromised.

Similarly, you can change the encryption algorithm without stopping PAM.

Specifying Multiple RADIUS Servers to Authenticate PAM Users

PAM system administrator can now specify multiple RADIUS servers. This feature ensures fault tolerance, since if one of the RADIUS servers fails, the PAM system will try to connect to another RADIUS server.

Setting Policy for User Groups

In Axidian Privilege 2.10, policies can be assigned to user groups.

Previously, to set a policy to a group of users, it was necessary to set a policy to each user of the group separately, but now this can be done in one click.

Connecting to Ad Hoc Resources

In Axidian Privilege 2.10, a new type of resources has appeared—ad hoc resources. These are resources that are not registered in the Axidian Privilege system. Ad hoc resources allow you to connect to any resources without having to add them to PAM in advance.

This modification helps PAM users, who create virtual machines, to do their work easier. Now IT specialists can connect to their virtual machines immediately without having to wait for a PAM administrator to add those virtual machines to the resource list.

Native SIEM Support via CEF and LEEF Log Format

It is now possible to connect Axidian Privilege to a SIEM system without using additional connectors or parsers. Now customers do not need to make additional modifications to connect PAM to a SIEM system.

Maximum Account Password Length is Increased

Axidian Privilege 2.10 has no limit on the length of an account password, which allows you to create more complex passwords and therefore reduce the possibility of your account being hacked.

Blocking Settings for Incorrect OTP Input

Axidian Privilege 2.10 introduces options for managing user blocking when the OTP is entered incorrectly:

  • Number of failed OTP access attempts allowed—if exceeded, the user will be temporarily blocked, i.e. will not be able to enter OTP.
  • Lockout duration—the period of time after which the user will be unblocked and will be able to enter OTP again.

Using these settings, you can configure Axidian Privilege in accordance with the company’s information security policies.

S3 Storage Support

Axidian Privilege 2.10 expands the list of supported storage types, which now includes the S3 type.

Axidian Privilege 2.10 brings comprehensive improvements, including enhanced directory support, ad hoc resource connections, and native SIEM integration. Experience these powerful new features firsthand by requesting a demo. Click below to schedule your personalized demo and elevate your privileged management today.