Axidian Privilege 2.4: your fastest way to the future of cybersecurity

Axidian Privilege keeps on going in line with the cybersecurity trends. We are committed to continuous product improvement so that our customers enjoy enhanced and user-friendly privileged access management. Meet the latest release of Axidian Privilege 2.4:

Use concurrent session licensing

The newly added Axidian Privilege licensing scheme is based on the number of sessions. This type of license limits the number of concurrent active sessions in Axidian Privilege without restricting the number of users or registered resources. If you are interested in Axidian Privilege licensing models, check out a big and detailed article on the subject.

Sort and search for permissions in the user console

The permission search has become easier. You can now sort the permission list by resource, connection type, connection address, and privileged account that will be used to launch the session. Start typing in the search box, and the console will show you matches across all columns.

Restrict the number of sessions per user

With the feature, you prevent the excessive use of the Axidian Privilege server resources. High server load may disrupt the stable work of other system users. If you want to save resources and reduce the PAM server load, you can now choose to set a threshold for the number of sessions that can be launched per user.

Use multiple monitors in RDP sessions

The user’s machine may be equipped with multiple monitors. In the older version, only the main monitor could be used to connect to target resources. Now you can enable or disable multiple monitors in RDP sessions. Again, more usability.

Set up your corporate style in Axidian Privilege

Customize the Axidian Privilege interface look-and-feel in line with your corporate style. The release made it possible to change the titles and replace Axidian logo. 

Request the technical demonstration of Axidian Privilege and dive deeper into the benefits it brings to corporate cybersecurity.