Axidian spices things up with new brand and product as a Pre Conference Dinner Sponsor at Mindshare 2023

Axidian, a glocal IT security solutions vendor, made its mark as a proud sponsor at this year’s Mindshare 2023 event. It was held in Gelsenkirchen on 19-20 of September. Naturally, our esteemed EMEA Director, Konstantin Krasovskij, was representing Axidian at the event.

Mindshare, hosted by Eviden, has become a must-attend gathering for the company’s customers and partners. The event attracted over 500 international guests who participated in a dynamic program. Moreover, it included captivating presentations, interactive discussion panels, insightful workshops, and engaging exhibition booths.

For Axidian, Mindshare 2023 provided the perfect platform to connect with respected colleagues in the IT security industry. Participants had the chance to discuss the most recent trends. Additionaly everyone present learned invaluable insights and strategies that are shaping the future of IT security and digital identities.

It was a valuable experience for Axidian to share knowledge and collaborate with other industry leaders. Therefore we are excited to take the insights gained from Mindshare 2023 and incorporate them into our ongoing efforts to enhance and evolve our IT security solutions.