From legacy to the new era – how migration to Axidian CertiFlow will heal your PKI pain

In today’s world of complex digital ecosystems, PKI management appears to be a strongly effective security system that is fastly evolving. The evolution creates the growing gap between the customers’ needs and legacy software unable to address the newest challenges. 

On top of obvious information security risks, using obsolete or no longer supported software for PKI management is bound to limit the system capabilities in the future: over time, new smart card types will be released, new algorithms will be created, and new third-party software and operating systems will be developed, and obsolete software won’t be able to support them. The need for a robust PKI management system cannot be understated.

If you understand that it is time to replace your obsolete CMS, take a closer look at this article. Its main goal is to demonstrate that migration from a legacy system to Axidian CertiFlow is a suitable solution for all your tasks and it is a simple process. We made a detailed overview on the basis of SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) that officially announced the end of life.

When migrating to Axidian CertiFlow, we guarantee:  

  1. Stability and continuity. It is not enough to simply switch to a new product – you need to ensure full continuity and compatibility with existing technological solutions. You might be worried that the new CMS won’t cover all the tasks at hand with a sufficient level of quality. Axidian CertiFlow provides support for all typical use cases and much more and it is a painless replacement for SAM.
  2. Usability. Yes, Axidian CertiFlow is not the same as SAM; it has a different user interface. However, one of the important focuses while developing the product for us is its user-friendliness and intuitiveness. Axidian CertiFlow has flexible settings which make PKI management effortless and stressless.
  3. Migration and Service. The migration process can be difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, in the course of migration, it is crucial to avoid any disruptions in the normal operation of your organization. Axidian team understands our clients’ concerns and has already developed the scenario of “smooth” and gradual migration and prepared and tested all the tools. Moreover, Axidian CertiFlow and SAM may be used simultaneously and independently within the shared IT infrastructure without the risk of impairing the performance of SAM components. 
  4. New opportunities. We see the emergence of new technologies and we are always in step with the times. Axidian CertiFlow is constantly enriched with the robust features that will help you to be the industry front runner. 
  5. Technical support. Our support engineers are ready to back you up and provide full consultancy service via various tools. If needed, we can relocate a support expert who will guide you step by step through the whole migration process. We have also adapted our manual for former SAM users and administrators.

New era of PKI management is already here. It’s up to you to decide whether you are moving forward or letting the legacy systems slowly kill your business. Click the button and get the full report on migration to Axidian CertiFlow.

Download the full report to get more information about the migration process, to learn about the difference between Axidian CertiFlow and SAM and Axidian CertiFlow unique functionality.