Axidian Access 5.4: Changes and new functions

During the past year, we have been actively developing a new tool to manage the Axidian Access and Indeed ESSO systems. The first version of Indeed Enterprise Management Console (Indeed EMC) was deployed by some of our customers in autumn of 2015. And we have received a lot of positive responses. We have taken account of our customers’ feedback. Therefore, starting from this release, Indeed EMC is a part of Axidian Access and Indeed ESSO installation packages, and, as such, is the main management tool for those systems.

Indeed EMC makes it possible to manage users and Indeed systems’ parameters centrally, as well as to work with Indeed event log. It is also advantageous that the tool does not require installation to every administrator workplace. The administration console is a web application that is deployed on the base of Microsoft web server (IIS). The latter is accessed via standard Internet Explorer browser.

Indeed EMС enhances ESSO management capabilities by allowing for making changes to individual data of users by using role accounts.

The filter set in the Audit section makes it possible to form search requests flexibily and search for events in all the Axidian Access servers within infrastructure.

Employee substitution mode

One more usage scenario for Axidian Access and Indeed ESSO systems has been added to 5.4 release. In case of temporary absence of an employee (sick leave certificate, leave), the administrator can grant the substitute user access to absent Indeed user account. The substitute wouldn’t know none of the substituted user authenticators, passwords in target applications, or domain password. The substitute uses his/her own authenticators to login, and the log records delegated login event. When substitution term expires, the substitute loses access to substituted user account.

The substitution mechanism and typical usage scenarios shall be detailed in a special video.

We have also significantly expanded the software interface for automating the management of Indeed ESSO user profiles with scenarios, executed in Microsoft Windows PowerShell environment. The library, as well as all the other auxiliary utilities for system administrators, are combined into Indeed Admin Pack installation package, supplied within the system package.

Other changes to be mentioned:

  • Single Sign-On data compression is optimised for storage and network transmission;
  • Password method can be hidden from the login method list for certain workstations (in order to provide for access to PC with Axidian Access authentication technologies exclusively);
  • Availability verification algorithm is optimised for Axidian Access servers. This is to solve the problems with logging in using cached data when authentication server is available;
  • Search for Axidian Access servers beyond the site can now be prioritized;
  • System interface customization features have been expanded.