Axidian Access 8.1: elevated performance of employee access management

A little over a year ago, we released a brand new update of our software suite designed for strong employee authentication. The solution has reached a new level of managing employee access to any information system used by any company.

And again we are ready to share with you the achievement of a new stage in Axidian Access development and would like to present to you the new capabilities of Axidian Access Version 8.1.

Optimized user directory operations

If you want to reduce the AD load or exclude unused accounts in Axidian Access, you can set up access to a portion of your user directory by using the LDAP filter in the server configuration file.
In addition, we have improved the performance of the management console and the Axidian Access authentication server. This will cut down waiting time for all end-user logins to target systems and help system administrators to work more efficiently.

PostgreSQL support

The older Axidian Access versions supported Microsoft SQL Server and Active Directory as storage backends. In version 8.1, you can also use the PostgreSQL database management system for the same purpose.

Improved authentication management on the client machine

You can now adjust the policy to disallow the use of domain passwords for Axidian Access Windows Logon. 

All disabled logon methods will not show in the Windows Logon module.

Indeed Key Provider settings

The system administrator can now switch the Indeed Key operating modes between push authentication and one-time passwords (OTP). With OTP enabled, the user will be able to authenticate even if their phone fails to connect to the Indeed Key server.

The administrator can enable strong user authentication by setting up the required push request confirmation via other authentication methods available on the smartphone.

Users can switch between fingerprint or graphic code verification.

Optimized SAML Identity Provider performance

We have updated the SAML IDP integration module, making it even more user-friendly. We have also enabled username identification without specifying the domain name, as well as transparent authentication with Windows Password Provider.

Migration from Axidian Access 7.x

We have good news for our clients using the older Axidian Access versions. You can now migrate from Axidian Access 7.x to the most recent 8.1 version without losing any user data.