Axidian Access 7.0 brings MFA to new security level

Axidian has been thoroughly investigating the changes in IT landscape while developing solutions for employee’s access to corporate resources. Moving with the times and customizing the solutions to the clients’ needs have always been the company’s top priorities. That is why we are thrilled to introduce Axidian Access,

a sophisticated software executing strong and multi-factor authentication in various and nontrivial scenarios.

It is obvious that the company’s IT infrastructure is constantly evolving. Nowadays some services are being moved to clouds, others are being virtualized. On a daily basis more and more employees use mobile devices and remotely work with company systems. Therefore, Axidian Access has become even more flexible and advanced with the new features:

  1. Improved web server platform that simplifies the architecture, development and system support.
  2. Usage of Active Directory and MS SQL which allows working with different scenarios.
  3. Support of SAML authentication protocol which allows integrating with modern on-premise and cloud services.
  4. The web interface of users’ self-service which simplifies work of remote users and does not require installation of additional programs.
  5. More sophisticated log server extending integration with SIEM systems (syslog).
  6. Support of DBMS and LDAP catalogues and other systems.

Axidian Access is capable to implement an expanded number of authentication scenarios for both company’s clients’ or employees. Being easy to use and install, It also greatly simplifies specialists’ work on solution’s administration and support.

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