Axidian on Mindshare 2019

Axidian is happy to announce being the Gold Sponsor of Mindshare. It is an eID and IT security conference held by cryptovision, the recognized and world-leading cryptography specialist. What makes the event so special is cryptovision’s 20th anniversary of developing secure electronic identity software and enhancing cybersecurity. The celebration will take place in Gelsenkirchen from May 14th to 15th 2019 and will gather together information security vendors and customers from different economic areas.

In 2019, Axidian became cryptovision’s trusted partner which greatly broadened the functionality and capabilities of Axidian CertiFlow.

Our team represented by Mr Konstantin Krasovsky, CEO, Mr Pavel Konyukhov, CTO, and Ms Nadia Navadova, account manager, is ready to discuss new product’s features and uprising trends in the world of PKI management at booth 3.

Mark May 15th at 12.30 pm on the calendar, as Mr Pavel Konyukhov will tell how to automate and manage PKI with the help of Axidian CertiFlow in the challenging environment of a mid-size and large enterprise. Even in complex use cases and with limited budgets. Pavel will address the issue of work of roaming and mobile employees and management unification. You will also discover such Axidian CertiFlow capabilities as optimizing management processes and reducing the workload of support service due to the system work based on unified policies and users’ self-service.

What is more, everyone is well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using a traditional smart card when deploying and managing PKI. What if there are multiple alternative tools capable of storing private keys and performing cryptographic operations? Visit our presentation and learn more about virtual smart cards based on TPM, network attached smart-cards, mobile application based smart cards.

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