Webinar: passwordless authentication – trusted way to security

We are pleased to invite you to the online webinar “Passwordless authentication: trusted way to security” prepared by Pacific Tech and Axidian, leading companies with the wide expertise in the field of information security.

Amid the recent events, the number of phishing attack is dramatically increasing. Password authentication could never grant fully secure access. Now, it increases cybersecurity risks even more and also causes employee inefficiency. Users do not utilize complex or longer passwords, as a rule, because these are difficult to devise and memorize. This allows an intruder to mine employee account passwords quite quickly. Apart from this, the same password can be used for all applications and services frequently. It makes the problem even worse, since, having mined the password to one of the systems, an intruder gains access to all the resources available to the compromised user. 

During the webinar, the leading technical support engineer of Axidian, Mr Nikolay Ilin, will show how to overcome these challenges due to the implementation of biometric authentication. The following scenarios could be easily addressed:

  • Strong authentication of employees to access the Windows operating system
  • Single sign-on: your trusted way to multiple business applications
  • Enjoy the usability and simpleness of secured access with 2D face recognition technology

Biometric authentication makes it possible to perform user verification procedure with higher accuracy. Are you still using passwords that can be easily compromised to access the sensitive data of your company? Our free webinar will help to address the most challenging scenarios related to information security and passwordless authentication of employees. 

Date: 04 June 2020, 15:00 Singapore time (GTM+8)
Duration: 1 hour including Q&A session.

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