Make privileged access serve for your best not worst

Axidian understands that the issue of controlling privileged access might be CISO’s headache. Lack of control over admin accounts, impossibility to investigate incidents connected with the misuse of privileged access,

potential comprometation risks are the weakness in the company’s cybersecurity that might lead to massive negative consequences. Let Axidian sort the things out with the help of a new product – Privileged Access Manager.

Axidian has been developing solutions for users’ access to corporate resources for more than 10 years.  All the experience we gained while strengthening our clients’ cybersecurity helped us to build up another expertise – Privileged Access Management. Its aim is to manage access of the users who enjoy broader rights in the information systems (IT service, contractors).

Here are the tasks it will solve:

  • Register the attempts to use privileged accounts in the access log with specification of what employee, when and to which account was granted access;
  • Keep video and text record of privileged sessions with an ability to view the session archive;
  • Provide multi-factor authentication of employees while accessing privileged accounts;
  • Keep the privileged accounts’ password secret from employees, сhange the passwords regularly.

If you would like to take another step towards advanced and unbreakable security – let us know.