Meet updated support portal!

Every day we face new challenges and interesting tasks from our clients, adapt to the rapidly changing cybersecurity world and learn new approaches for granting secure access. The expertise and knowledge of Axidian specialists are constantly growing and getting stronger. Therefore, we decided to update the Axidian support portal.

Now, one can find the following information:

  • Latest documents about the products – technical requirements, installation and set-up guides. Many of our clients want to understand the infrastructure requirements, configuration peculiarities and usage details when initially getting acquainted with the product.
  • Knowledgebase with the articles about the most frequent questions/errors. You will most likely find the answer to your question which will reduce the time needed to request help from Axidian specialists.  
  • Procurement information about the products being in use by the Customer. It helps to get quickly and easily the relevant information about what product has been bought, how many licences are used at the enterprise, when the technical support expires and etc.

A user can also submit a new ticket with a question and subscribe to the latest news, notifications about product releases.

Keep in mind that we are actively transferring knowledgebase articles, product documentation and all other useful information to the updated support portal, so new interesting things will surely come. Make sure to check them and be among those enjoying usable and secure Axidian products.

We are online 24/7, if there are any questions with regard to the support portal, please address them at