Webinar: Axidian Privilege – your simplest way to control privileged access like a pro

Privileged users whether they are business users, system administrators or contractors undoubtedly have the ability to make sweeping and fundamental changes to IT systems on which the business may depend. Ask any IT manager and he/she will agree with it. So how come that privilege misuse is still one of the 3 top-patterns most often associated with breaches?

If you also understand the big risks of unregulated privileged accounts and if you want to be 100% aware of all their actions, take part in the webinar “Axidian Privilege – your simplest way to control privileged access like a pro”. For 10 years Axidian has been securing access to the information systems and preventing data leaks for key players from different economic areas and regions. Our team knows the hidden threats connected to incomplete or unworking privileged access management. 

Together with the webinar speakers, you will:

  1. Take a closer look at the Admin Console of Axidian Privilege, the main tool providing user-friendly and effective control over privileged sessions.
  2. Configure access rights the way your company needs it – make group policies based on the required business processes and set time limitations to external contractors. 
  3. Discover privileged accounts and take it subsequently under full control. No unmonitored privileged accounts will be allowed.  
  4. Get access via RDP and SSH. 
  5. Enjoy the sophisticated Single Sign-On access to any published application or Database Management System (DBMS).
  6. Stay timely informed about all the critical system events.

Date: 26 May 2020, 11:00 CET. Duration – 1 hour including Q&A session.