Axidian and Cryptovision signed an official partnership agreement

At the beginning of December Konstantin Krasovskij, our EMEA Director, visited Trustech – a mix of trade show and conference, TRUSTECH showcases the latest hardware and technologies involved in the markets related to Payments, Identification and Security.

This year the event was hosted in Paris, it brought together many great experts and leaders. Once again we got a chance to meet with many of our existing and potential partners in person and discuss plans, opportunities and challenges that we will face together next year.

One of the important topics of these discussions was the development of our security products and solutions. Konstantin shared news about our latest PAM 2.6 release together with the newest version of Axidian Access – AM 8.1. Moreover, there were many deliberations about the most important trends in digitalisation and identity management evolution.

Konstantin Krasovskij also had the pleasure of participating in Cryptonite, an astonishing event organized by cv cryptovision GmbH where they gathered their partners and representatives of IT companies from different industries. We are excited to announce that during this event Axidian and Cryptovision have signed an official partnership agreement. 

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