PKI Conference 2022 gathered experts from Axidian, Secunet, Keyfactor, Cryptovision, Atos, RN Trust, TrustSec and X Infotech

On 24th of November Axidian together with Secunet, Keyfactor, Cryptovision (an Atos company), Atos, RN Trust, TrustSec and X Infotech hosted our annual PKI Conference. It is a virtual event which gathers PKI experts from a full range of global industries, IT security specialists from different economic spheres and regions around the world, community system integrators and IT distributors and everyone interested to learn and share knowledge about PKI.

The conference consisted of one roundtable discussion, 5 expert sessions and networking time. The central topic for this year was “Evolving PKI for Today’s IT Security Demands – Best Practices from PKI Leaders”.  

During the roundtable speakers from Axidian, Secunet, Keyfactor, Cryptovision (an Atos company), RN Trust and X Infotech shared their vision and experience on such topics as: 

  • All-in-one offline root CA solution
  • PKI issuance and management: hybrid deployment models
  • Difference between Certificate Management System (CMS) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Integrating electronic signatures across devices 
  • Cloud EDS on any phone up to feature phones

After that Secunet, Keyfactor, Atos, RN Trust and TrustSec hosted their expert sessions focusing on the following issues:

  • Containers and container signing, enforcing that containers running in your Kubernetes cluster are signed by a trusted CA – Tomas Gustavsson and Sven Rajala, Keyfactor
  • Managed CMS and PKIaaS – Dr. Benjamin Herdeanu, Secunet
  • RNTrust Horizon: a full-featured CLM, with unique capabilities such as enabling easy S/MIME encryption in Office 365 – Olivier RUFF, RN Trust
  • Breaking PKI silos with Certificate Life Management – Axel Sandot, Atos
  • What’s new in access control? – Bio Smart Card Demo – Mohamed Ghattas, TrustSec

This year’s event was a complete success thanks to our amazing speakers and attendees. We look forward to seeing everyone once again at PKI Conference 2023 which will be hosted next autumn. In case if you missed PKI Conference 2022 you can request the recordings below.