Webinar: Conquering Cyber Threats in the New Normal

Welcome to the free online webinar Conquering cyber threats in the new normal” prepared by Pointwest and Axidian, leading companies with expertise in cybersecurity.

In regard to the present-day events, the Philippines officials tighten massive lockdown. The number of remote working employees has significantly increased during the last months along with the number of fishing attacks and data breaches. This situation definitely influences the business flow of companies and your cybersecurity is becoming more vulnerable. Under an increasingly evolving threat landscape, you must be well-prepared to fight back all challenges of the new normal. 

Our free webinar will help to find answers to the hot-topic questions related to the information security and remote access of different categories of users.

During the webinar, Mr Nikolay Ilin and Mr Maksim Kuzmov, the leading technical support engineers of Axidian, will present real-life scenarios for daily basis use and demonstrate how to protect different users differently:

  • The work from home reality – How to find your trusted path to security?
  • The ultimate source of the greatest dangers – Why is there a need to control user privileges now more than ever?
  •  The balance between security and usability – How 2D face recognition can enhance customer-oriented cybersecurity?

If you are looking for a solution for multi-level access protection of your corporate systems and would like to defeat the new era’s cyberthreats, make sure to visit Pointwest and Axidian joint webinar. 

Webinar date: 09 June  2020 at 02 pm Philippine standard time (GTM+8)
Duration: 1  hour 30 minutes including Q&A session