Axidian presents its products at largest cybersecurity event in SEE

indeed identity on risk

Axidian was a part of the largest cybersecurity event in Southeast Europe – Risk 2019 held by Real Security on March 20-21.

The conference assembled renowned representatives from the field of information security, as well as government agencies, telecommunications companies and financial institutions. Contemporary trends and challenges of information technologies were discussed at multiple in-depth lectures and workshops. Our team also shared the company’s vision on the future cybersecurity development in two presentations:

“The evolution of authentication: from passwords to artificial intelligence”

CEO Europe & North America Mr Konstantin Krasovsky explained why future of fast, secure and usable authentication lies in artificial intelligence and what benefits modern companies already reap by implementing multi-factor authentication at the enterprise level.

“The evolution of trust: from plastic cards to universal mobile platform”

Account manager Ms Nadia Navadova talked about the ongoing shift from a hardware component to mobile platforms in terms of PKI management and clarified what digital trust is and what it lacks, why future is in your phone and how it can affect your enterprise.

In addition to productive and interesting discussions taken place after the presentations, Axidian could meet new partners and expand networking opportunities.

Our team would like to express gratitude to Real Security for experience gained and the high level of event organization.