SMS OTP Provider: SMS with one-time passwords for authentication

Indeed SMS OTP provider

In the course of constant development of Axidian Access and Indeed Access Manager Single Sign-On solutions, we have implemented a new Indeed SMS OTP Provider component. It is designed for user authentication with one-time passwords, delivered to users via SMS.

As this communication channel is available to any telephone and does not require either purchase or setup of additional devices, the SMS technology is widely used to deliver one-time passwords by almost any bank and other organizations that process user data. This technology is much simpler, cheaper and more comfortable than tokens or smart cards.

A one-time password generated by Indeed SMS OTP Provider is a random combination of digits and Latin characters. The password is generated by Indeed system server upon user request. The result is sent to SMS delivery service. The latter sends it to the user phone in the form of SMS message.

To authenticate, a user has to request a one-time password in login window:

request a otp in login window

If Indeed SMS OTP Provider is used with additional PIN code protection, the user has to enter the PIN code defined during authenticator registration:

enter the PIN

The generated password is delivered to a user mobile device as SMS message:

mobile csreen with OTP

Then, to finish authentication, the user has to enter the one-time password from the SMS message:

enter the otp